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High Quality Eco-Friendly Tea Packing


Tea, commonly known as tea, generally includes the leaves and buds of the tea tree. Tea ingredients include catechins, cholestenone, caffeine, inositol, folic acid and pantothenic acid, which are good for health. Tea beverages made from tea leaves are one of the three major beverages in the world.

China is the hometown of tea, with a long history of growing tea, strict tea ceremony, and peculiar tea drinking customs. Chinese tea drinking has a history of more than 4,700 years since the Shennong era. Tea ceremony has a predestined relationship since ancient times. The leaves are leathery, oblong or oval, and can be drunk directly in boiling water. They are divided into six categories according to the variety, production method and product shape. According to the season, it can be divided into spring tea, summer tea, autumn tea and winter tea. All kinds of Maocha or refined tea are processed to form additional tea, including scented tea, pressed tea, extracted tea, medicinal health tea, tea food, tea-containing beverages, etc.

Tea has a shelf life, but it is related to the variety of tea. Different tea has a different shelf life. Therefore, packing supplier will provide a variety of tea storage containers for people to choose from.

Tips for keeping fresh tea:

1. If conditions permit, use an air extractor to extract the air in the can with an air extractor, and then weld and seal it, so that the tea can be stored for two to three years. If the conditions are not enough, you can store it in a thermos, because the water bottle and the outside air Insulate, the tea leaves are packed in the bladder, sealed with white wax and covered with tape after being stoppered tightly. It is simple and easy to operate and easy for family storage.

2. Ordinary bottles, cans, etc. should be used to store tea. It is better to use clay pots with inner and outer double lids or with large mouth and abdomen to reduce air contact in the container. The lid of the container should be tightly integrated with the container body to prevent moisture from entering.

3. The tea packing supplier provided by the packaging supplier shall be free of odor. The tea container and the method of use must be as tight as possible, have good moisture resistance, reduce air contact, and be stored in a dry, clean, and odor-free place.

4. Store in the refrigerator or refrigerator, and keep the tea leaves sealed before putting them in.

5. Use quicklime or advanced desiccant, such as silica gel to absorb the moisture in the tea, the preservation effect is better. 6. Using the principle of thin air in the tank and isolation of the tea leaves in the tank after sealing, the tea leaves are dried until the water content is about 2%, and immediately put into the tank while it is hot, and then sealed, and can be stored for one or two years at room temperature.


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