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Chinese Style Concise Tea Packing Box


Tea is the world’s largest health drink. Drinking tea can quench thirst and produce fluid, eliminate food and greasy food, reduce inflammation and antibacterial activities. Ancient and modern medical classics and scientific research at home and abroad have affirmed its medicinal effect. In particular, the high pressure of modern life and the sub-health status of human beings are becoming increasingly obvious. As a fashionable health product popular all over the world, the concept of “tea more health” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The most important thing is that most Chinese people like to drink tea, or when entertaining guests, they also choose to make tea to entertain guests, so it is more in line with the demand. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, Gifts don’t need to be expensive, but the tea packing box with Chinese style is more tasteful

Tea planting methods:1. To plant tea trees, soil should be cultivated first, tea trees should be planted. Before planting, the soil should be turned over twice before planting. After that, farmers’ nutrient soil should be applied to the land, and then the soil should be continued to be put on the land. The stones and grass roots on the land where tea trees are planted should be removed, otherwise the growth and development of tea trees will be affected.2. Management of tea seedlings when planting tea trees, according to the planting area of tea trees, 4 kinds of tea seedlings will be planted under 50 mu of land, and 5 kinds of tea seedlings will be planted above 50 mu. When tea seedlings are planted, their roots are stained with some rare earth elements, which can ensure the survival success rate of tea seedlings. Generally, small tea seedlings need to be protected from cold when they are planted for the first time. As long as some dry grass is added to the roots of tea seedlings, the tea seedlings can be kept at a stable temperature.3. Pay attention when planting tea trees in the later stage of fertilizer and water management. Because the roots of tea trees are very shallow, do not start watering from the top of tea trees. Otherwise, watering from the top of trees will not spray the roots of tea trees. In addition, it is better to fertilize tea trees with a small amount of mixed fertilizer. The fertilizer should be applied about 3 days before picking tea, so that tea trees can grow new buds.


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