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Custom Luxurious Tea Packing Box


As a special kind of commodity, the packaging of tea is different from the packaging of other general commodities due to its own and objective conditions. The packing supplier will be using these packing commonly:

Metal can package

The metal can package has excellent anti-breakage, moisture-proof and sealing properties, making it an ideal packaging for tea. From the perspective of sealing, there are two types of general cans and sealed cans. In terms of packaging technology, generally cans can be sealed with deoxidizer packaging to remove oxygen from the packaging.

Sealed tanks are mostly inflated and vacuum packed. The protection of the metal can to tea leaves is better than that of the composite film, and the appearance is beautiful and noble. The exquisitely designed metal can is suitable for the packaging of high-end tea.

Paper pack-ups

The carton is formed by printing on white paper, grey board paper, etc. The carton packaging prevents easy breakage and has excellent shading performance.

The disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is easy to be damp. Nowadays, paper-plastic composite packaging boxes have been used to overcome the damp-prone problem of carton boxes. This kind of packaging box is made of plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof coating as the packaging material. , It not only has the function of composite film bag packaging, but also has the protective and rigid properties of carton packaging.

Plastic Packaging

Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic molded containers are generous, beautiful, and have good packaging and display effects. They are mostly used as outer packaging in tea packaging, and the packaging is mostly packaged with composite film plastic bags.

Film bag packaging

Plastic composite film has many advantages such as light weight, not easy to break, good heat seal ability, and reasonable price, and it is widely used in packaging. There are many kinds of composite films used for tea packaging. The composite films have excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, aroma retention, and odor resistance. There are various packaging forms of composite film bags, including three-sided sealing, self-supporting bag, folding and so on. Packaging Because the composite film bag has good printability, using it as a sales packaging design has a unique effect on attracting customers and promoting tea sales.


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