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Custom Printed Chocolate Pillow box Packing Box


Chocolate is divided into two types: emotional chocolate and love chocolate. Chocolate mainly symbolizes love.

The shape of the chocolate packaging box is Pillow Box, round box, heart box and so on. Different packaging boxes can be selected according to different scenarios.

The chocolates given by friends and relatives are called sense chocolates. For example, on Christmas Day, the elders give it to the younger generation, or the younger brothers and sisters give it to the seniors, or the best friends give each other.

The chocolates given by lovers are called love chocolates, which represent the sweetness of love and the close love of lovers 1314.

In the hearts of lovers bathing in love, chocolate is hailed as “sentimental chocolate”. It is the most precious gift for Valentine’s Day when it matches with roses. The sweetness and warmth of chocolate is like the sweet feeling rippling in the hearts of lovers. It has the innocence and sweetness of a child, the feminine and enchanting of a woman, or the thick and deepness of a man.

Milk chocolate is a common chocolate with a unique milk fragrance, giving people a pure and sweet feeling. Milk chocolate is suitable for lovers who are more peaceful and simple. This kind of plain but loving feeling makes people feel that they can be entrusted to life.

The black chocolate has the darkest color, the strongest taste, and the strong bitterness is most suitable for iceberg lovers. Black chocolate has a feeling of admiration, attention or wanting to move forward, but it also has a sense of fear and distance. I hope to get attention in your indifferent heart.

White chocolate and innocence match pure love, representing the yearning for youthful love, which can be given to the prince charming in my heart day and night, and can also evoke the touch of pure love that has been buried in my heart for a long time.

The bonbon has a faint smell of wine, which means that you have been intoxicated by everything she has. She is like the most beautiful wine in the world, which completely captures you. In a romantic atmosphere, you can explore the next step in life.

There is no chocolate that can express one’s love better than homemade chocolate. It is made by hand, bit by bit, which means that you are treated as a lifetime partner. I want to be with you every moment and recognize that you are the most ideal. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. The special meaning of chocolate makes it have a special meaning between couples, and it can reflect each other’s status in their hearts. What kind of chocolate you receive has special value, so you must carefully consider it when choosing chocolate? Right choice.


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