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Custom Candy Packing Box


In a large forest, a little bear lives there. He doesn’t like talking to others and stays at home all the time. He had a little bear candy bowl, which was left to him by his grandma. When the little bear was very young, his parents went out looking for food and never came back.

So, grandma kept raising the bear cubs, and later grandma also left.

Before grandma left, she gave Little Bear a sugar bowl, it’s like a pillow box which read:

“Little bear, grandma hopes the jelly beans in this jar can become your friend.”

Since Little Bear owned this sugar bowl, he has stayed at home holding the sugar bowl. Never go out to play with other friends, and never say a word to them. While other little animals are playing “peekaboo” on the grass, the little bear stays with his sugar bowl at home.

But one day, Little Bear suddenly felt strange. He is not happy, not sad, or even angry. He just felt empty in his heart, and everything around him seemed to have disappeared.

He opened the sugar bowl and ate a candy, but his mood did not improve. So the bear grabbed a large amount of sugar and stuffed it into his mouth, but it was still empty. Little Bear looked at the colorful jelly beans in the jar, but always felt that they had lost their color, just like himself at this time.

“Hey, what should I do?”

Little bear looked out the window, Bai Yun was looking at him with a smile. So he decided to go for a walk and relax. The little bear put on his coat and set off with his precious sugar bowl.

Under a big tree, a group of small animals are having a picnic. They shared the food they brought, played games together, and had a great time.

At this time, the little fox eating a biscuit on the side spotted the little bear hiding behind the stone.

“Hello, Little Bear. What are you doing hiding behind?”

The little bear cringed and walked out, subconsciously hiding the sugar bowl behind his back.

 “Hi…Hello, I just came out for a walk.” Little Bear said.

“Then let’s have a picnic and play games. We welcome you to come together.” The little fox said, pulling the little bear to the big tree.

“Hey, come everyone. We have a new friend!” the little fox shouted.

The kitten on the side took a small cookie out of his pocket and placed it in the palm of bear. “These are the biscuits I brought from home and wrapped in a paper packing box. Everyone loves my biscuits. You can try them too.”

The enthusiastic friends shared the snacks they brought to the little bears, and the little bears looked at them, all of them filled with happy smiles. My heart suddenly became warm, and the previous feeling of loneliness has long since disappeared.

The little bear took the sugar bowl out of his arms and placed it on the grass.

“This is the sugar bowl my grandma gave me. The jelly beans in it are delicious. Come and try it.”

Little Bear put the sugar bowl on the grass, opened its lid, and a sweet smell of milk poured out instantly.

Everyone is enjoying this magical jelly beans with relish. One for you, one for me, the memorable candies were “destroyed” immediately. Cubs also played a game of “hide and seek” with his friends for a long time, and he reluctantly said goodbye until the evening.

“Tomorrow, I have to come again!” The little fox shouted at the little bear.

The panting bear sitting on the grass, he looked at the empty sugar bowl in his hand, but felt extremely happy in his heart. Grandma’s wish finally came true, and the candy in the jar flew out of the narrow sugar bowl and became his friends.

lonely? He left the bear’s heart long ago and flew to the other side of the mountain-disappeared without a trace.

The meaning of candy is sweetness, as long as you eat candy you will get happiness and friends.


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