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Simplicity Strong Recyclable Mailing Box


Folding carton: It is a kind of green packaging container that is widely used. With the further enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, folding carton is widely used in the packaging of juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicines and cosmetics. Since folding carton has the characteristics of low processing cost, convenient storage and transportation, suitable for various printing methods, easy to sell and display, suitable for automatic packaging, good recyclability, and beneficial to environmental protection, the demand for folding carton will increase. Will continue to increase, and higher requirements for the production quality of cartons are also put forward.

The shape of modern packaging is ever-changing, and the design of mailbox packaging should highlight individuality in the shape, which can be reflected in the color. The use of color can start from the characteristics of the product. The design needs to show the characteristics of the product, while taking into account the consumer’s appreciation habits. . Reasonable and appropriate use of colors can arouse consumers’ initial desire to purchase products. In addition, the packaging design also needs to consider the convenience of transportation, so there is a transport packaging design box. Since the products need to be sold all over the country, they will inevitably be subjected to loading and unloading operations during manual handling. Throwing, stacking collapse, lifting off, sudden start of loading machinery, and excessive lifting will all cause drop impact damage to the product box. Vehicles, trains and other tools are affected by factors such as road surface conditions, rail joints, engine vibration, vehicle shock-absorbing performance and other factors during transportation, resulting in periodic up-and-down bumps and side-to-side shaking, and external forces generated by loading and unloading equipment. Therefore, for product packing supplier, brown paper bag wholesale provides corrugated paper packaging boxes, cushion packaging liners and other related packaging materials also have a huge demand.

The airplane box, named after its unfolded shape resembling an airplane, is a branch of the carton box. It is the first choice for express packaging and delivery. It is made of corrugated paper. Airplane boxes are generally made of corrugated paper. Generally, there are three layers and five layers:

1. The three layers are divided into a type, b type and e type, and the material thickness is 4 mm, 3 mm, and 1.5 mm respectively. Most of them are type B and E. The thickness of Type A is 4 mm. When folded, the front socket is not easy to insert. 2. The five layers are divided into ab tiles, be tiles, and ae tiles, but only be tiles are suitable for aircraft boxes, and its thickness is 3-4 mm. Generally used for express delivery of products with high voltage requirements, such as installing LCD screens.


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