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Custom Cosmetic Packing Boxes


Due to the nature of cosmetics, their grades are very different, so their packaging forms vary from product to product. With the refinement of the functions and functions of cosmetics, the difference in consumer objects, and the differences in grades, cosmetics have been classified and packaged in different ways that suit their own characteristics. In terms of its external shape and suitability of packaging, cosmetic packaging is divided into liquid and emulsion cosmetic packaging, solid granular (powder) cosmetic packaging, solid cosmetic packaging and paste cosmetic packaging.

1. Packaging of liquid and emulsion cosmetics.

Among all cosmetics, the types and quantities of these cosmetics are the largest, and the packaging forms are very diverse, mainly including:

Plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications generally have to undergo exquisite decoration and printing;

Composite film bags of plastic bags, commonly used in economical bags of cosmetics or packaging of lower-grade cosmetics;

Glass bottles of various shapes and specifications, including wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles, are generally used for packaging higher-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile, permeable and contain organic solvents, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, and toner package.

The above types of packaging are also suitable for the packaging of cream cosmetics. These types of packaging are sometimes used in conjunction with color-printed cartons to form cosmetic sales packaging together with color-printed cartons to improve the quality of cosmetics.

2. Packaging of solid granular (powder) cosmetics.

This kind of cosmetics mainly include powder foundation, talcum powder and other granular products, and the commonly used packaging methods are mainly paper boxes, composite paper boxes, glass bottles, metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, and composite film bags. Under normal circumstances, packaging containers need to be exquisitely decorated and printed. At the same time, when plastic and metal containers are used for packaging, they are often matched with beautifully printed cartons.

3. Packaging of solid cosmetics.

There are relatively few types of solid cosmetics, mainly eyebrow pencils, pressed powders, and various lipsticks. The packaging of this type of cosmetics is relatively simple.

In many cases, cosmetics are in gift pack to improve the quality of cosmetics. In addition, these packages can also be divided into other types such as gift boxes with windows. There are many types of cosmetics with different functions. The above is the classification of packaging based on its external shape and packaging adaptability.


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