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Custom Printed Food Take-away Bag


Takeaway is a very broad term. The general understanding is that fast food delivery service, which means that Chinese food is like a meat and a vegetarian food, and it is Western-style. Like McDonald’s and KFC. This is what everyone generally understands about takeaway. In fact, in a broad sense, all sellers who provide services and goods abroad can be said to be takeaways. Like water delivery, flower delivery, gas delivery, merchandise delivery, and door-to-door repairs, these are actually takeaways.

The packaging form is the earliest form of take-out. Although it is ancient, it continues to this day.

With the popularization of telephones and mobile phones, telephone ordering has gradually become the main method of the food delivery industry, which has also enabled the food delivery industry to develop rapidly. Compared with restaurant packaging, telephone ordering has the advantage of not having to go to the door, which has greatly stimulated the development of the food delivery industry.

The popularity of the Internet in the 1990s enabled the food delivery industry to develop rapidly. Students and white-collar workers become the main force of website ordering. A lot of Internet ordering companies have also developed subsequently.

In 2012, with the rapid development of smart phones, WeChat developed rapidly with an unstoppable momentum. Based on this, many secondary developments around WeChat have been derived. One of the most eye-catching and indispensable includes the development of WeChat food delivery. In the era of mobile applications where APP is dominant, the secondary development of WeChat, with its absolute advantages of not requiring downloading and occupying desktop space, has occupied the market of many APPs and has become the first choice for businesses to develop.

The rise of takeaway is driven by takeaway packaging bags, which are made of various materials, such as non-woven bags, plastic bags, pp bags, and kraft paper bags. Need to choose specific packaging bags according to specific products.


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