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Custom Jewelry Packing Box


Every beauty-loving woman will have a batch of jewelry that she can’t put down. Wearing suitable jewelry is like an inaccessible part of the female body. The development of jewelry packaging boxes is also constantly innovating, such as the use of mixed patterns for packaging and the patterns of jewelry packaging boxes. Made new innovations. Both externally and internally, the intention and taste of the gift giver will be greatly improved. And an exquisite jewelry box can not only make beautiful jewelry find a beautiful home, but also reflect the extraordinary aesthetics and taste of a gift-giver. Jewelry boxes are also a great choice for urban women to carry jewelry and men to give gifts to embellish the taste of life.

The commonly used colors of jewelry boxes are usually matched according to the color of the accessories.

Gold jewelry is usually packaged in wine red or gold jewelry boxes, or other warm colors are also available. Platinum jewelry is packaged in cool-toned jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes are usually divided into paper jewelry boxes, plastic jewelry boxes, acrylic jewelry boxes and glass jewelry boxes

Plastic jewelry boxes are usually used as home storage, used for daily jewelry placement, more beautiful and tidier.

Acrylic jewelry box looks very transparent and beautiful, like crystal, suitable for gift packaging, more elegant and generous.

Paper jewelry boxes are generally combined with fashionable design elements, which are permeated with a strong modern flavor in the taste of the times. At the same time, paper jewellery boxes are usually used as festival gift packaging boxes, which not only make the gift more exquisite in appearance, but also highlight the gifts of the giver.


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