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Custom Drawer sliding box Pen Box Packing


The meaning of the pen:

The meaning of giving pens to younger generations by elders: The one who gave the pen is to hope that the other is business-like, gentle, and able to make academic progress and achieve something.

The younger generations give pens to the seniors, it is the younger generations expressing their admiration and high respect for him.

When giving a fountain pen to someone, you can express your academic blessings to the recipient. At the same time, you can write upright and behave upright, which will also express your affirmation of the other person’s character.

If the other party is a client or leader, the pen will have a gift box. The high-grade pen is very precious. If you give it to men, you should choose black or gold, and if you give it to women, you can choose blue or rose gold. Indispensable.

It would be better if you can use gift box packaging while giving gifts. A beautiful box can show the giver’s intentions.

There are several special types of pen boxes, such as iron packaging pen boxes, paper packaging pen boxes, plastic packaging pen boxes and acrylic packaging pen boxes, as follows:

There is no fancy pattern on the iron packaging pen box. Compared with acrylic and plastic packaging pen boxes, iron is not easy to deform or damage. In addition, it is very practical. It can not only be used as a gift box, but also suitable for daily use. use.

Paper packaging pen boxes have many patterns and rich patterns, and are usually used for gift packaging to make gifts look more beautiful and generous.

The plastic packaging pen box is bright in color and rich in patterns, but there is no iron pen box to resist falling and deformation. It is very popular in the mass market.

Acrylic packaging pen boxes are similar to plastic packaging pen boxes, but acrylic is more transparent and brighter than plastic, and looks more elegant and elegant. It is more suitable for desk storage, so relatively speaking, girls prefer acrylic boxes.

The shape of the packaging pen box is mainly rectangular, Round Cylinder, polygonal and square.


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