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High-End Display Box Sunglasses box


Sunglasses are also called sunshade mirrors and are used for sun protection. People usually adjust the luminous flux by adjusting the size of the sun’s pupil. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye, it will cause damage to the human eye. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in summer, sun-shading glasses must be used to block the sun to reduce fatigue caused by fatigue. Damage caused by eye adjustment or strong light stimulation. When traveling, we also need a beautiful sunglasses case to hold the glasses. With the improvement of people’s material life, we will buy more and more sunglasses, so there is a beautiful glass display box at home that is not only beautiful but also has a good storage function.

Spectacle case: It includes precise fillings and adopts conventional cartons or composite panels whose shapes can be spliced into high altitude or embossed patterns. Forming is to produce a complete solid wood composite board carton or composite board, using plastic film as the carton, embossed conventional carton or composite board.

Sunglass lens material

1. Glass lens: The advantage of glass lens is that it has good light transmission, is easy to make polarized coating, and is not easy to be scratched. The disadvantage is that it is very heavy and easy to crush the lens. Wearing it for a long time will make the nose uncomfortable.

2. TAC polarizer: Because the color changes are particularly rich, the lenses are also beautiful and not expensive. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, easy to be scratched, poor optical performance, and it is easy to break under impact. Some low-quality TACs will open when wet with water, which is very ugly. It is recommended to buy with caution.

3. PC polarizer: It is more used in driving sunglasses and sports sunglasses. The material of PC lens was originally used for insulation cups and bulletproof glass. It has very good light transmittance, and is very light. The price is also ok. Very cost-effective lenses.

4. Nylon lens: made of nylon, nylon lens has very high elasticity, excellent optical quality, strong impact resistance, and is usually used as a protective article.

5. NXT lens: a 3-in-1 super lens invented by PPG in 2001. Super strength is its biggest selling point, but because the surface hardness is very low, it is easy to produce scratches. Therefore, it is usually coated with hard coating (wear-resistant film) on both sides. “Color injection technology” is also a major selling point. Colors are injected into the raw materials during production to minimize the color difference. It will not discolor or change color over time or after long-term use like other materials.

6. Resin lens: The resin lens is light in weight, high temperature resistant, impact resistant and not easy to break. It has no edges or corners when broken. It is safe and can effectively block ultraviolet rays. The disadvantage is that the surface wear resistance and chemical resistance are worse than glass, and the surface is easy to scratch , Water absorption is larger than glass, high thermal expansion coefficient, poor thermal conductivity, low softening temperature, easy to deform and affect optical performance.


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