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Exquisite Multi-style Glasses Box


Spectacle cases are not unfamiliar to modern society. Due to the diversification of electronic products, the number of myopia in the society has gradually increased. Spectacles have also become a part of people’s lives. However, having a beautiful spectacle case has become a dream thing for everyone.

A.Cartoon glasses case: There are cute cartoon images printed on the glasses case, this is very popular with many glasses friends, cartoon animal heads, you can choose your favorite cartoon image according to your favorite.

B.Bag-style spectacle case: The small and exquisite spectacle case is designed as a small bag. When you are not wearing glasses, you can put it in this small bag. You can’t see it as a spectacle case when you walk, go shopping, or look at it. Different design types, different colors, different background colors, according to personal clothing, with this bag-shaped glasses case, make you feel like walking in the fashion team.

C.Cute glasses case: Everyone will have an appreciation for cute little animals. Similarly, when the glasses case is designed as a cute little animal’s head, it is super cute and super cute with the cute eyes of the little animal. Many friends like this model very much.

D. Jewelry box type Spectacle case: This kind of box looks more stylish and has a lighter texture. We have all seen a lot of jewelry boxes, they are more advanced and beautiful in appearance. At the same time, they also pay attention to color matching. Usually there is flocking cloth inside the glasses case, which can protect the glasses from being worn out. The cloth used to wipe the glasses is also flocking cloth.

Features and cleaning methods of flocking cloth:

Strong three-dimensional feeling, bright colors, soft touch, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, lifelike image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and moisture proof, no lint, friction resistance, smooth and no gaps. Be careful when cleaning, do not soak it in water, rub it or scrub it, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and wipe it lightly. If the flannel is too wet, do not twist it hard to prevent the neck hair from falling off. Affect the appearance. The correct cleaning method should be to use both hands to remove the water or let it dry naturally, so that the original appearance of the flocking can be maintained.

Leather glasses case production process:

A. Proofing: According to the drawings, make samples

B. Leather selection: Normal leather boxes are half-skinned and semi-artificial leather. The thickness of the selected leather is preferably 0.6mm-0.8mm. The made box is not only beautiful, but also not wrinkled. If the leather is too thick, it will cause Foaming, non-sticky, etc.

C. Hot stamping: The leather box can be hot stamped with UV and other processes. One thing to note is that the hot stamping on the leather box must not be dropped. The hot stamping font must be clear, because it is the outer box, which will directly affect the appearance The effect, so the hot stamping process is very strict, the most taboo is to drop the gold, and the font is unclear.

D. Surface treatment: There are several details on the surface treatment of the leather box, the common ones are stains, glue, thread ends and other problems.


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