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European Style Retro round cylinder Perfume Packing


What is perfume?

Perfume is a product in which fragrance is dissolved in ethanol, and additives such as trace pigments, antioxidants, bactericides, glycerin, and surfactants are sometimes added as needed. It has a fragrant and strong fragrance, and its main function is to spray on the skirt, handkerchief and hairline to give off a pleasant fragrance. It is one of the important cosmetics.

The origin of perfume:

The English “Perfume” of perfume is derived from the Latin “Parfumare”, which means “penetrating smoke”. As early as 1500 BC, Cleopatra VII had already started bathing with 15 different perfumes. In her day, it was illegal not to wear perfume in public places. But the first step of the European perfume industry actually started in the 16th century. At that time, Catherine De Medici came to Paris from Italy and was about to marry the King of France. With her noble status, she made perfume It has become a fashionable item in Paris, and suddenly everyone loves to use perfumed leather to make gloves. At that time, people thought that perfume was the best in Grasse. This French city also prospered due to the perfume trade, and developed its perfume industry in a timely manner, becoming the perfume capital.

Perfume production process:

1. Pretreatment: The raw materials for making perfume must be pure and free of impurities. Therefore, it must be pretreated before use to ensure the high quality of the product.

2. Mixing: Put the raw materials for making perfume into the designated container according to a certain proportion, stir and mix for a period of time, so that the impurities in the essence can be fully precipitated and the clarity of the finished product can be improved.

3. Ageing: Put the mixed perfume into a closed container with a safety valve for physical or chemical ageing to make the perfume more mellow and fragrant. The length of time required for aging depends on factors such as production conditions.

4. Freezing: The perfume will become translucent or misty when it encounters a lower temperature. After that, if it is heated again, it will no longer be clear, and it will remain turbid. Therefore, when the perfume undergoes the freezing filtration step, it will not appear misty and turbid when it encounters a low temperature environment in the future.

5. Filtration: Some insoluble substances precipitate out after aging and freezing. Use a filter press and filter with diatomaceous earth and other filter aids to remove it to ensure its transparency.

6. Toning: After the filtering process, a small amount of perfume will be lost by the filter aid and cause the loss of fragrance and color. Therefore, it needs to be added after color comparison with the standard sample.

7. Finished product inspection: use instruments to compare color, determine specific gravity and refractive index, and determine alcohol content by conventional methods.

8. Bottling: Leave some gaps at the neck of the bottle during bottling to prevent the solution in the bottle from being heated and expanded during storage and the bottle rupture.

How to preserve perfume:

1. Perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid hot air and light. If the perfume is placed in a high temperature, the color and fragrance of the perfume will change. If you want to keep the perfume for a long time, you can wrap the perfume in a wrapper. In the refrigerator freezer.

2. Try to avoid rubbing and shaking the perfume bottle gently.

3. Do not directly touch the mouth of the bottle with dirty fingers, as this may destroy the original smell of the perfume.

4. After the perfume is used, the bottle cap must be tightened to prevent the fragrance of the perfume from evaporating.

5. It can be stored upside down to avoid air entering the bottle through the mouth of the bottle.

Perfume packing display:


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