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Creativity Wedding Candy Paper Packing Box


When we think of candy, we can think of bright colors and sweet flavors. Good candy packaging will give people the right sweetness.So,When will we need custom candy boxes? Usually when giving gifts, weddings, birthdays, and sending teams, so the candy box with personal standards is our best choice. If you want a custom-designed candy box with a beautiful and material good reasonable shape, it will give you a different feeling.

About the packaging shape:

A. Hexagonal shape. This shape is very special in structure and higher in aesthetics. Furthermore, from a professional point of view, the design value of special paper containers is higher. According to the characteristics of the candy packaging box, the hexagonal prism can maximize the use of volume space, that is, the same packaging box has more hexagonal prisms than other packaging boxes. The hexagonal prism shape is not only stable, but also has a sweet and lively design.

B. Regular quadrilateral, this kind of packaging can better highlight the characteristics of candy. The regular quadrilateral candy packaging boxes are mostly bulk candy, with strong visual effects and strong dynamics.

C.Pyramid-shaped candy packaging box, with a drawn ribbon on the box, tied with a beautiful bow, many people will choose this packaging to put the wedding candy.

D. Other packaging, such as button and pillow plastic film packaging cartons. No style, different size, different quantity. It is beautiful, light and easy to carry.

About the packaging material:

A.Candy packaging boxes generally use paper packaging. environmentally friendly and has the characteristics of recycling. The packaging not only has texture, but also has low cost. The outer packaging box can be printed with patterns and LOGO, which can add some common processes such as over-lighting. Glue, dumb glue, hot stamping silver, uv and other processes.

B.Specialty paper is paper with relatively small output. There are many types of special paper. The paper is specially processed to improve the quality of the packaging. Embossed and embossed products cannot be printed. Only surface hot stamping can be printed in four colors.

C.Cardboard is used to make candy box structure, with a layer of single-powder paper or special paper on the surface. Commonly used colors are black, white, gray, and yellow. The thickness of the cardboard also has various grades, which can be selected according to the load-bearing needs of the product.

D.The plastic box is a transparent folding box made of PVC/PET/PP/PS, etc. It can be customized to achieve UV offset printing, silk printing, bronzing/silver, matte and other printing effects. The packaging has the characteristics of permanent durability, moisture-proof, waterproof, high toughness and strong transportation safety performance.


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