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Fashion Concise Dust-Proof non-woven bag Shoe Bag


What are the uses of non-woven bags?

A.The distribution of non-woven bags makes the number of non-woven bags in some families almost exceed that of plastic bags, which is a waste of resources.

B.In order to reduce the cost, many environmental protection bag companies print the image ink on the non-woven bag, which is harmful to people’s health. Whether the printing of environmental protection bag can protect the environment is analyzed here.

C.The non-woven fabric is not environmentally friendly in terms of its texture. It is difficult to degrade because it has the same composition as the plastic bag. The reason why it is popularized is that it is environmentally friendly is that its thickness is higher than that of the plastic bag, and its resistance is strong, which is conducive to reuse.

Non-woven bag process details display:

Customization process:

A. Bag specification: width × height × side (bottom);
B. Bag quantity: there is no requirement for the blank general bag, and the minimum order quantity of printed content is 100 (no top sealing);
C. Fabric thickness: Universal bag uniform thickness, custom specification production, can communicate with customer service;
D. Printing color: monochrome printing. Multicolor printing or color printing;
E. Bag style: bottom with side, bottom without side, bottom without side;
Warm tips: if you have other craft or special requirements, please make a specific quotation from our customer service department;

Free typesetting (please refer to the following for free typesetting)

A. The color of the bag, ready to print color;
B. Logo, storefront, address, telephone, and other contents to be printed (please provide a corps and other vector files or high-resolution large image for logo);

Confirm the final draft (after the layout is satisfied, please confirm the details of the order with the customer service, and arrange the production after confirmation, which can not be modified again)

Warm tips: please provide content typesetting manuscript confirmation after accepting the quotation and payment (please refer to the following contents for manuscript confirmation);
A. The size of the bag (we will confirm the size with you after proofreading, and we can’t modify it halfway after confirmation);
B. Printed content (especially address, telephone, and other important content, please confirm carefully, proofread the content to ensure that the content is correct);
Warm tips: our printed content is confirmed by the client. If the content of the manuscript is inconsistent with the client’s demand, we will not bear the responsibility.

Payment production (please refer to the following for payment production)

A. Payment methods such as PayPal, bank T.T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc;
B. The normal construction period is about 5 days for less than 3000, and 5 to 10 days for more than 3000. Urgent consultation (from the second day after final payment)
C.After the completion of production, the seller delivers the goods;

Why choose us to customize non-woven bag ?

Every shoebox will have a pair of cotton bags for shoes, that is, a thin non-woven bag. Don’t throw away this cotton bag. In fact, there are many good magical functions that can be used for great purposes. Magical function one, it can be used to install shoes, which can play a good dust-proof effect, otherwise, it is easy to get dust when shoes are placed, so there is no need to worry about putting them on. Second, the shoes are easy to deform and dent after being stored for a long time. You can fold this cotton bag a few times and put it directly into the position where the shoes are easy to deform so that no matter how long you put it on, you don’t have to worry about the deformation of the shoes, especially some You must do this for expensive and easily deformed shoes, and this cotton bag is very dry, so it can absorb water and keep it dry. Magical effect three, mud shoes are easy to get dust, and it is very troublesome to take care of them. We can use this thin cotton bag to wipe it lightly to remove the dust and stains on it. This cotton bag is very soft for cleaning. Mud shoes are very suitable. After cleaning, there is no dust on them. The cleaning effect is very good. Magic 4, you can put some dry tea in a cotton bag, fold it a few times after putting it in, put it in the refrigerator, or put it in the closet, which can dehumidify and remove odor.

OPP bag is a kind of plastic bag. The material is polypropylene and bidirectional polypropylene. It is characterized by easy burning, melting, and dripping, yellow on the top and blue on the bottom, less smoke after leaving the fire, and continue to burn. OPP has the characteristics of high transparency and brittleness. After the OPP is folded in half, the side edges are sealed and a self-adhesive seal is attached to the opening tongue. When using the product, tear off the protective skin on the surface of the seal and fold the tongue in half and stick it firmly. , Easy to use, beautiful and generous, widely used in clothing, shoes, food, cosmetics, and other industries.

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