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Jewelry Packing Gift Box


Importance of the Jewelry Packaging Box

Jewelry packaging is not only a simple box, but also a symbol of a brand. A single style box is only suitable for a certain type, and more customers are looking for boxes that can adapt to multiple jewelry styles. In the same shell, there is a unique perspective. Can be adapted to all kinds of inventory of jewelry placement. In terms of color, Tiffany is among the best. In terms of packaging, Cartier is the representative. Its unique octagonal box has always been the object of imitation in the jewelry industry. Color is an important part of jewelry packaging brand marketing! Many jewelry brands are using bolder and more vibrant colors. Specifically, the packaging will be the same color as the brand.
In this way, when customers see it, they will think of the brand’s buying experience. For example, Tiffany is its the most successful example! Jewelry packaging is no longer as simple as a box, it is an interpretation of a brand!

  1. Paper jewelry box
    At present, the cartons on the market are generally made of cardboard, wrapped with a layer of leather-filled paper, which is generally better imported from abroad. This kind of box is relatively cheap, and generally used in silver jewelry stores. It is also the most popular jewelry box style we have seen on weekdays. It is simple and generous and it doesn’t cost much. Merchants are also very willing to choose this type.
  2. Flocking jewelry box
    The flocking boxes are mainly made of plastic, and the surface is flocked, which looks more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively high-end than cartons. Generally, silver jewelry, gold, etc. use this. Merchants like Chow Sang Sang will choose to use this kind of jewelry box, which is suitable for gold and silver jewelry with texture.
  3. Rubber jewelry box
    This kind of jewellery box is generally processed by injection molding and mass-produced by opening molds. Generally, the demand is tens of thousands. Most of them are flocking, and there are also pasting treatments. The price of this material is the lowest, and the grade is relatively low. The first choice of most jewelers.
  4. Wooden jewelry box
    The solid wood jewelry box is a relatively high-end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is used as the main material and painted. Many companies use this solid wood jewelry box to export to foreign countries. The batch is small, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive. This kind of jewelry boxes are generally used by niche businesses. Due to the high cost, the price of jewelry is generally not too low!
  5. Glass jewelry box
    Made of plexiglass, it is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion. The combination of glass jewelry box and fashionable elements gives a strong sense of the times and a modern atmosphere. This type of box generally uses high-end jewelry packaging.

Box printing process:

  1. Hot stamping / hot silver
    The scientific name is hot press transfer printing, or hot transfer printing for short, commonly known as bronzing and silver bronzing. It is a method of hot-stamping the metal foil onto the printed matter by means of a certain pressure and temperature, and there is also a cold pad printing.
    Hot stamping features: it has metallic luster and magnificence, which gives a strong contrast to the printed picture.
    Scope of application: suitable for very prominent words or logos, mostly for samples, greeting cards, invitations, wall calendars, desk calendars, etc.
    Note: It can be more pronounced with the embossing or embossing process; besides gold and silver, the colors that can be used include color gold, laser light, and spot colors
  2. UV coating
    It is ultraviolet glazing. UV is abbreviation, which means that the ink can be dried and cured by ultraviolet radiation. UV is usually a silk screen printing process, and now there is also offset printing UV.
    Definition: a special process for curing the UV photoresist on the surface of the printed product in full or partially
    Features: A variety of artistic special effects can be presented on the surface of the printed matter to make the printed matter more beautiful
    Type: thick UV, frosted UV, colorful UV, glass beads, sprinkled colorful powder, etc.
    Scope of application: book mounting, envelopes, covers, desk calendars, high-end packaging, handbags, etc.
    Note: If you use UV on the film, you need to use a special UV film, otherwise the UV is easy to fall off, its bubbles, open glue and other phenomena. It is better to cooperate with special processes such as convex and hot stamping.
  3. Convex/concave/emboss
    The scientific name is imprinting. It is a process of forming patterns by making local changes in the printed object by pressure. The metal plate is corroded and becomes a pressing plate and a base plate for pressing. Divided into two kinds of cheap ordinary corrosion version and expensive laser embossed version.

(1)From convex
Definition: Using a convex template (male template) to emboss a three-dimensional relief-like pattern on the surface of the printed matter through pressure (the printed matter is partially raised to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It is called convex;
Features: can increase the three-dimensional feeling
Scope of application: suitable for paper of more than 200g, high-weight special paper with obvious mechanism
Note: The effect is better with bronzing, local UV and other processes

Definition: Use the concave template (female template) to emboss the surface of the printed matter into a depression-like relief pattern (the printed matter is partially recessed to make it three-dimensional and cause visual impact.) It is called depression
Features: can increase the three-dimensional feeling
Scope of application: suitable for paper of more than 200g, high-weight special paper with obvious mechanism
Note: It is better to cooperate with hot stamping, local UV and other processes. If the concave template is heated and applied to special hot melt paper, it will achieve an extraordinary artistic effect.

Definition: the metal roller with engraved lines is pressurized to leave a full-page texture on the paper surface
Features: Use ordinary art paper to achieve the effect of special textured paper, with strong decoration and unique style.
Types: fantasy stone, pearl, coarse cloth pattern, fine cloth pattern, crescent pattern, sand pattern, felt pattern, leather pattern, pear pattern, color xuan pattern, stripe, gold silk pattern, Laine pattern, ceramic pattern, knitted pattern, gold leaf Patterns, bamboo silk patterns, etc., are numerous and limited in space. The above are commonly used textures.
Scope of application: book mounting, envelopes, covers, desk calendars, high-end packaging, handbags, etc.

It is to apply a layer of glue to the paper, and then paste a layer of material similar to fluff to make the paper look and feel a little fluffy.


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